Sonder's Stories

Elliot Sonder - writer of fanfic and original fiction, zine maker and dabbling in game making! If you can tell a story with it, I want to do it!


Elliot Sonder (they/them) is a mysterious creature from the east coast of Canada. They love story telling, and believe it is the birthright of humanity itself. They want to tell stories as long as they are able, in as many formats as possible! Talk to them about literary analysis, they'll love it!

Zine Credits

Includes both zines I've modded and ones I've written for!

  • Intellectually Attracted - Head Mod/NSFW Writer (Complete)

  • Spring Tides - Writer (Complete)

  • Where I Can Follow - Head Mod/Writer (On-Going)

  • Curtain Call - Writing Mod/Writer (On-Going)

  • Unannounced AA zine - Writing Mod/Writer

  • Splatter Painting - Writing Mod/Writer

  • In The Shadow Of The Incident - Writer (On-Going)

  • Pillars of Love - Writer (On-Going)

  • Afternoon Tea - Writer (On-Going)

  • Where The Tide Meets The Stars - Writer (On-Going)